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About: Id Kill For You is a community in which you share your obsessions. They can be anything, including people. We won't flame or delete any of your posts or obessions, unless they are extremly nasty. Because then, we'd have to kick you in the groin! YAY!!! :D


The rules are (yes rules suck, I am aware of this)...

1.Don't flame other people's obsessions. Because then, I will have to kick you in the groin :D

2.Don't post like 50 obsessions in one entry. Example...BANDS MUSIC EMO PUNK JUNK SCISSORS KNIVES KICKING PEOPLE BEING MEAN DOOM ERASERS STABBING THINGS DAGGERS. Because, I will also have to kick you in the groin :D. Again.

3.If your obsession is just stupid and or inappropriate, (example...showing your private parts in communitys because that is just sick and demented) your post will be deleted.

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